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Links directory of the arts in Perth Western Australia, is dedicated to my friend and arts teacher Robert Juniper and the artists of Darlington in the hills of Perth. With the turmoil in financial circles, now is no better time to invest in art and supporting Perth artists helps to keep Perth artists producing fine fine arts and performing arts. Perth artists can hang photos of their art in the Online Art Gallery of Perth. The public art at Cottesloe Beach and Perth artist friends prompted me to promote Perth arts with web marketing. Until I get time to develop a website this webpage is the home page of

Photos of Fine Art Perth

public art Perth sculpture
Public sculpture, Perth Beach
artist Perth
Photo of Perth artist Bob Juniper and Jon Grummels at an Art Gallery Perth
Artist Perth

aboriginal art Perth
Sculptured Aboriginal Art Perth

perth art
Award winning public art Perth by a Darlington artist.
painting art PerthPainting Art Perth

Notices of your Perth art exhibition can be posted in The Perth Calendar. It's free and first on major search engines for "calendar perth". It's my volunteer contribution to art in Perth.

Performing Arts Perth

Promotion of performing arts in Perth is offered free to Perth musicians, Perth dancers, Perth actors, and anyone wanting free marketing of performing arts in Perth via THE Perth Calendar of Events where you can post Perth performing art gig dates, photos and links to your website.

performing arts Perth
Photo of street performing arts in Perth's port city of Fremantle

Perth Artist Links

Robert Juniper  George Haynes artist