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Root canal treatment can save a tooth from extraction that has been badly damaged due to decay or injury.

The innermost layer of a tooth is soft tissue called the dental pulp.  The dental pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue.  Functionally, a fully developed tooth can function without a pulp.

In the case of an irreversibly damaged tooth an opening can be made through the tooth to access the dental pulp.  Special instruments and files are then used to remove the infected or inflamed pulp.  Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial medicines may be put inside the tooth to help deal with the inflammation and infection.

After the pulp has been removed, the root canals are cleaned and filled. The pulp chamber is sealed to prevent any further leakage. A tooth can survive without a pulp because it is nourished mostly by tissues (periodontal ligament) that surround the root or roots in its socket.  A crown is often recommended after root canal treatment to support and strengthen the remaining tooth structure. 

Pain or discomfort following root canal treatment, if any, usually lasts no more than a few days and will not necessarily  be experienced by every patient. Analgesics and\or anti –inflammatory medications may be prescribed to help manage post-operative symptoms.

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