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FAQ: What is the difference between email marketing Perth style and spam ( junk mail )? Spam includes sending massive amounts of emails to unqualified lists without recipients' authority.

Email marketing can include collecting email address of existing customers
with their permission. ie they opt-in to receive your email messages of interest to them. Described as opt-in email marketing or permission email marketing. Each message usually contains an option for recipients to be removed from emailing lists. When you send regular email messages that look more like an on-line magazine they are referred to as ezines.

You need to offer you're potential subscribers an incentive, such as:

  • a gift

  • discount

  • information

  • solutions / problem solving  etc

EMAIL TECHNICALS: You need to decide if you want to send email with:

  • embedded images with your emails as a background image (watch out for tiling) and or on simply pasted in the body of the email message section between text.

  • the image to be called up live from a web page with ABSOLUTE links. Its a safe way to ensure image appear however connection to the www is a must as too is the correct path to images.

If images are wide, remember to check how your html email looks at various screen resolutions. Solutions to extra wide images include using zero boarder cells and tables with with NOT SET (variable width)
Talk to me freely about email marketing in Perth Australia
Perth Western Australia.

EMAIL FORMAT : According to mid 2003 surveys 99% of Internet users are able to view professional-looking HTML e-mails, approx 20% preferred to  receive plain text e-mails instead.

Most popular e-mail programs for casual users were Outlook Express (34%), AOL 6.0 to 8.0 (17%), Yahoo! Mail (13%), Outlook 98/2000/XP (12%), and Hotmail (10%). Business users, on the other hand, preferred Outlook 98/2000/XP (48%), Outlook Express (27%), and Eudora (11%)  Source: Wilson Web


  • Inexpensive compared to snail mail

  • Fast to conceive, design and deliver an effective campaign

  • Personal

  • Lower Australian professional email marketer costs.

OPT-IN EMAIL ADDRESSES ARE AVAILABLE AT Aust$0.25 cents EACH.  Advise us of you target demographics

The success of an email marketing campaign in Perth can be related to:

  • The accuracy of email lists

  • The appropriateness of messages to recipients

  • Automation of responses to emails.  Auto-responders More Sales - Less Work! Automated e-mail follow up from AWeber

  • Timing

  • Content of emails

    • Concise

    • New

    • Well presented including graphic

    • Not too much information

    • Frequency

  • Permission of recipients

  • Links to supporting information such as websites.

  • Simple feedback form contained within the email

  • Appropriate email format for recipients.  (eg if your recipient can only receive plain text emails than this should be noted against their email listing in your database )

  • Rewards or prizes for recipient response.

Example Email Signature File for
one of our Perth Clients


Harry Leese
Western Australian Manager

stationery logo signature design

P.O BOX 4190 Wembley, Western Australia

TEL: 08 9284 0433  FAX: 08 9284 0588  TOLL FREE: 1800 777 857


If you are lacking a component, for example a graphic design of your logo for your emails or web pages, you don't need to spend months learning graphic design.  For less than $100 we'll email to you your new unique stationery signature file design like the one above.


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