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PerthPerth is one of the most popular websites about Perth Western Australia, according to independent Alexa statistics. has featured online internet advertising slots for your Perth business. Interested in an additional source of new customers? remains a POPULAR business guide in Perth with integrity and the utmost respect for hundreds of paying online marketing advertisers. Our internet marketing goal is simple: dedicate research and development resources to ensure the PerthPerth site remains a highly visible business and consumer resource. Not every small business in Perth can afford to spend the time and money required to gain maximum exposure on the web. The Perth Business guide helps fill that and get over one million hits per month.

Time based (eg per month, pa) banner advertising costs on Perth sites varies depending on the:

Online ad placementbanner ad palcementbelow the fold banner ad Perth


  1. Your own full stand alone public page.
  2. Business Summary on the HOME page of which has high MOZ "page authority" and "domain authority" scores compared to other Perth guides.
  3. Free Linked Pins on our Google search engine winning Google Maps. Eg our Google Map of Perth
  4. Video marketing: Your video embeded on our web page and on both our Youtube channels which have had over 2 million views.
  5. Increased SEO such as back link building from a relevant, high "page authority" page.
  6. Limitless FREE events posts on the Google winning page for "calendar Perth"
  7. Social media boost on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and the Google winning page for "google+ perth".
  8. Increased web presence.

BENEFITS:CPC Advertising online Perth

  1. 50% discount off what you're paying per click with Adwords ads on our website. Example Adwords pay per click rate for "hotel perth"
    75% PPC discount for Perth not-for-profit organisations

  2. is POPULAR with 1,000,000 hits from 100,000 VISITORS per month

  3. Free ad design

  4. Bigger, full colour ads. Not like this:
    internet marketing Perth

  5. Variety of advertising styles for you to choose from:

    1. Banner ad.

    2. Advertorial.

    3. Video ad. (price per view subject to negotiation) 51,500 online video views per month, on both our Youtube Channels which have had over 2 million views.

  6. Free click stats login you you, any time. Click stats are the basis of billing.

PPC internet marketing rates depend on the keyword phrase/s. Who sets the market rate for a phrase which includes the  word "perth"? Answer: Google. Example at the time of writing, Google's average CPC was $1.81 for the phrase "hotel perth". Search "traffic estimator" to see what it is now.  @ $0.90 PPC a hotel would get 444 UNIQUE visitors (interested customers) seeking hotel sales information for $400 invested.  PPC type of internet marketing is also known as pay for performance and is a a lot more effective than push marketing such as un-read junk mail stuffing up mail boxes. Scenario: If a flyer costs $1 to design, print, deliver and only 1 in 10 are read, then each read flyer effectively costs $10 which is a lot more than internet marketing to willing visitors to your sales information.
Another way of thinking about pay for performance PPC internet marketing is: If people ain't click'n your ad, you ain't pay'n, but you're still getting free brand marketing.


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See screen shots of our Perth internet marketing SEO winners. SEO is one part of internet marketing Perth experts use to make your Perth web site popular so as to connect customers in Perth or the world, searching for what you sell.. There are many other internet marketing strategies such as SMO, "Google Places",  etc.

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