1. Local dialup. (don't choose an ISP you'd have to pay STD charges to dial up to)

  2. If they offer web page hosting, as most do, reliability is VERY important if you don't want your site knocked off the search engine because of "404 Error Page not found."

  3. Technical support:

    1. Phone hours

    2. By email

    3. Charges or free

  4. User to modem ratio (Should be 10:1 or better. Can you dial in first or second time?)

  5. Price  (eg free,  $15,  $25,  $44 per month.  200 hours free intro CD)

  6. Plans and Payment options:

    1.  (Monthly/Yearly?)

    2. Just email only.

  7. Hours  Uninterrupted  Knock off demon.

  8. What sort of software do I receive? What browser? CD installation or download?

  9. Speed

    1. Connection  eg 44 kbps,  64kbps,  cable, etc.

    2. Download    eg  5 kbs

  10. Proximity of nearest

    1. telephone exchange or satellite dish.

    2. Point of Presence (POP)

  11. Web hosting space  eg 5mb  or  10mb  or  50mb  etc.

  12. FrontPage server extensions.