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Do you have your precious videos deteriorating?  Are your videos safe from theft, fire and flood?  Can you share your videos easily with distant relatives and friends? When was the last time you enjoyed your video cassettes?  Are your videos and super 8 film (and equipment to show it on) deteriorating? Can you convert videos to safe online storage for video streaming ? Are you frustrated watching stop start, short, low quality, non-buffer free online video clips?  Do you make money from your videos?   Do you want you own online TV channel to stream videos to your business customers world wide? Do you want to make money every time your customers watch your training videos online. Do you want better quality online BUFFER FREE videos than You Tube.... and make money?

Our online video storage and online video sharing technology is leading edge and buffer free. We solve your video storage and video sharing problems and if you want there is a serious business opportunity for you.

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