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Free Promotion of Annual General Meetings in Perth

If your company, association or any organisation is having an Annual General Meeting AGM in Perth Western Australia WA feel welcome to promote your AGM free of charge on the popular Perth Calendar.  Your notice of AGM in Perth will be seen because The Perth Calendar is 1st on search engines for "calendar perth

Free promotion of AGMs in Perth on the Events section of the Google+ Perth Community

  • You need to register as a user

  • Choose type of AGM in Perth

    • Single day

    • Ranged over days

    • Reoccuring AGM in Perth on a set date.

  • Post details of your AGM in Perth.  Include

    • Time

    • Date

    • Perth location of your AGM

    • Agenda

    • Tip: Use the word "Perth" in the subject and every paragraph of your posting.  Posting of your AGM will be seen by search engines within weeks of the date of posting.

  • Send emails inviting attendees of your AGM in Perth by linking to The Perth Calendar from your email.

AGM notification in Perth using The Perth Calendar is a free community, association and business service.

Once you have used The Perth Calendar to notify attendees of the AGM, feel welcome to use The Perth Forum.
For example the Mining company forum can be used to post mining reports, meeting agendas, and even report how your AGM in Perth went.

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