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Bartercard Perth WA is a business development and lifestyle enhanment service provider. Let Bartercard Perth show you how to save cash in your business and personal life and get more sales and cash customers in your Perth Western Australian business!

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News is Bartercard Perth are reopenning Bartercard Perth South to serve Bartercard members south of the Swan River. This will add to Bartercard's offices north of the Swan River and Bartercard South Western Australia.

Bartercard is great for getting new clients. Bartercard members in Perth will always prefer to spend their Bartercard trade dollars with other Bartercard members before spending real cash with non-Bartercard members.

Bartercard members are LOYAL trade exchange clients keen to trade.  Bartercard members network within Bartercard Perth and other network marketing organisations in Perth. They refer barter clients and cash paying clients to Bartercard businesses in Perth.


  1. Upon joining, Bartercard Perth members receive $5,000 to $25,000 trade dollars interest free line of credit which allows members to make purchases immediately. The interest free line of credit is often used to help business through some of the tougher times in business or is used as working capital.

  2. Better cashflow. Use Bartercard to pay for some expenses to reserve cash for other expenses which demand cash. Eg why pay for a Perth restaurant meal in cash when you can treat your dinner companions with Bartercard payments and reserve your cash for things like Australian and WA government fees.

  3. Free business advice especially sales and marketing advice

  4. Move excess stock and idle inventory.

  5. A sesperson assigned to sell you goods/services Perth wide.

  6. Networking with Perth business people keen to do business with you. Fellow Bartercard members will refer your business to other members and non-members in Perth. Bartercard is one of Perth's biggest referal networks. Not only that but you'll get rewarded for referals.

  7. Improve productivity:  Bartercard Perth helps companies put inventory, equipment and employees to more effective use, converting downtime and spare capacity into extra revenue by utilising the Bartercard network as an additional business/revenue source. Go on hold when you can't keep up with demand or start trading again when you want to sell supplus stock / service capacity. Retain valuable productive staff by giving them Bartercard dollar income earning jobs.

  8. Easy ecommerce for billing or paying and with online mobile banking type records. Smart phone app or great website. It's simple to pay Bartercard Perth members such as resturants with EFTPOS machines. Simply swipe your Barter card or if they haven't an EFTPOS facilitiy, transact online or sign a Bartercard voucher.

  9. Directory promotion including listing on the Google map of Perth.

  10. Promotion on Bartercard Perth social media marketing such as Google+ Bartercard Perth


EXAMPLES: Invest your earned Bartercard dollars into things like web marketing services such as SEO, PPC marketing, Social Media marketing, Google Places marketing etc to get new real dollar paying clients.  Invest your trade dollars in buying goods such as wine to serve in your Perth restaurants.

Buy holiday accommodation, Donate to improve your corporate social responsibility.


Phone number Bartercard Perth WA:  +61 8 9240 6866
Address Bartercard Perth WA: 4/53 Prestige Parade Wangara, Perth, Western Australia

BIG map address location: Bartercard Perth northern, Western Australia

BIG map address location: Bartercard Perth South, WA


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and start shopping at Perth Bartercard stores immediately, north and or south of the river with a minimum of T$25,000 as soon as joining Bartercard Perth WA

Phone the Perth Bartercard Membership Coordinator for Bartercard membership enquiries.
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