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Business brokers Perth selling businesses for sale in Perth Australia. Attract business buyers with free online advertising of your Perth business for sale in 2022. Business buyer due dilligency and proper preparation of businesses for sale in Perth are important for good business sales outcomes.

Perth businesses for sale need preparation for sale such as good digital marketing and compelling financial documents such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements prepared by certified, top tier, accounting firms in Perth.

We are digital marketers with SEO expertise in Perth Australia. Usefull if you want to attract business buyers beyond Perth. International business buyers search for businesses for sale in Perth Australia as a way of getting an Australian Business Innovation and Investment visa. Buyers will search for the type of business for sale and the word "perth". Thing and place or place and thing. Let's face it, everything in life should be for sale except family. If you don't have a web page targeting the type of your business and the word "perth", you're missing out on a potential big business sale. If you're the only snow ski seller in Perth, it should be easy to advertise the sale of your Perth business on page one of search engines.


Feel welcome to contact me for business investment advice in Australia such as property investment, mining investment, innovation business investment and other resources investment Australia wide.
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  1. Get a good Perth accountant in to prepare your books to present a good propostion to business buyers.
  2. Enguage a good business broker in Perth with good Perth business connections and has an experienced, successful track record with a strong inhouse sales and marketing team to bring buyers and sellers together to get the best deal for both buyers and business sellers.
  3. Hire a salesperson to:
    1. work with delivery of the sale of Perth businesses.
    2. ramp up sales in the year before selling the business.
  4. Hire a digital marketer in Perth, not on price but:
    1. achievment in business marketing.
    2. improve the popularity of your business website. It's a KPI buyers like.
  5. Consider hiring a licensed Perth business broker.


  1. Do proper due dilligence in checking out the businss you're investigating to buy.As part of their business advisory services in Perth's northern suburbs, Business Mantra on Main Street, Osborne Park provides dilligent auditing of businesses for business buyer or for business sellers in Perth. They audit balance sheets, profit and loss, inventory and other finanical reports for business buyers and business sellers. They might not be one of the big four auditing firms but they do ethical, accurate and affordable business advisory work for, Perth business buyers and licensed Perth business brokers to achive successful mergers and aquisitions in Perth. You can depend on Business Mantra's detailed, accurate, financial reports and business advice.
  2. IP
    1. See if IP such as domain names are included on the balance sheet.
    2. Make sure you get all supplyer contact information. This includes IT support, domain name registrar and web hosting logins, Google My Business logins. Make sure you the new owner gets to be the "Primary (GMB) Owner".
    3. Have a lawer check:
      1. Existing contracts both staff and business contracts.
      2. Sales contract which might include a restrictive trade agreement. You don't want the business seller openning up shop down the road and poaching customers from a copy of the company CRM database.
  3. If buying an online business based in Perth, check their KPIs such as:
    1. Site popularity
    2. Number and quality of backlinks. (PR, DA, PA, UR scores)
    3. Their online reputation.

      Businesses for sale in Perth can be advertised free of charge including sales pitch, images, links, contact details on Perth social media websites.

      Contact us if you want help selling vacant land in Perth. Online advertising "land for sale Perth" is easy with digital marketing expertise including local SEO services in Perth.