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Experienced volunteer community development and community events promotion consultant, reveals how you found this web page searching for " community development western australia " I can easily get your community development project or community event targeted keyword phrases positioned by search engines for your Australian community development project, Shire, or Aboriginal community development website. With formal cross-cultural training by the Australian Overseas Service Bureau and years of experience in community development, Western Australia and overseas, I guess I'm the perfect, cost effective solution to marketing your
Australian community development website at 25% off commercial rates for not-for-profit Australian communities.

Our volunteer community development services:

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community development western australiaAboriginal Mine Training Poster design
Above right is an example of the first poster I designed and distributed in the Goldfields communities of Western Australia as manager of of a community based organisation. Photo by Robert Garvey of Scarborough.

Community Development Discounts

All communities receive 100% discounts on web health reports. Just leave the online payment section blank.  These reports are not meant as criticism of your web developers but as diagnostic and remedial tools for your community web developers to get better position in search engines. If you don't have a community website yet, that's fine.  We can see your community website right through from functional design to good position by search engines. It's VERY important to get our Good Keywords Report at half price BEFORE you select your keyword rich web address. If a commercial site .com with your community name is beating you in the search engines, talk to me  08 9243 4215 for free about the power of alternative domains such as .info  .org  and  .info and cheap purchases of multiple Domain Name Registration pointing to the same or different web pages.

25% Discount on all Plans for community, NGO and not-for-profit organisations.  Even larger discounts for continuous work greater than 5 eight our days.  Contract work is open to negotiation.  Effectively I'd be exclusively yours.

Travelling time not charged to community, NGO and not-for-profit organisations however if you wanted me or any of 4 Web Marketing staff at your community you'd need to cost in transport, accommodation and dinner costs.  Don't worry most of our community development work can be done at our Western Australian office.

25% discounts on training your community development people such as Telecentre Staff, Web Designers, Councillors, committee members, Shire staff, Planners, Event organisers, Executives, Teachers, Health trainers, Community media staff, Aboriginal leaders and business manager, Community co-ordinators, Club and other Australian community development organisation members

Web Marketing Your Australian Community

For a free no obligation community development consultation including the web marketing and viral marketing questions that have been frustrating you for a while, read tips and or call Ben's Perth number on 61 8 9243 4215  M:0418958799

You most likely found this web page via a major search engine by typing one of our many winning keyword phrases such as " community development western australia "  Right?  If you found it via another keyword phrase please let me know when you phone?

I know what community development strategies work in Australia for which type of Australian community and which type of media for a particular Australian or international market.  I have taken on the world with competitive keyword phrases such as "marketing australia" and won search engine position 1 against 400,000 savvy web marketers  Try it at   :-)  I got to the top of the world for the cost of our Silver Plan. If you'd like me get top position on search engines for your targeted keyword phrase, would that help develop your community?  I think so.  Just call me between 8am and 8pm Western Australian Standard Time (+8 GMT) any day of the week for your free consultation about a range of community development strategies suited for your community.  You'll be surprised how inexpensive community: activity / organisation  promotion and development is using our proven web marketing strategies.  If you don't believe me see what our clients say or see a few results from our Clients' business development directory.
For example if you want your targeted keyword phrase " computer sales " to get top position against the likes of Dell and Compaq with armies of Search Engine Optimisation specialists like me, and huge number of quality links to their sites, then forget competing with that phrase. Even our
Platinum Plan will not win without a lot of extra work BUT if you narrow your keyword phrase to " computer sales perth " I can GUARANTEE you good position on page 1 of search engine results, if you follow my development strategies.

More Community Development Promotion Strategies

I've mentioned web marketing strategies as an intro to community development strategies because it is so cost effective.  Here are some other community and Non-Government organisation ( NGO ) development strategies that work in Australia and I guess for most places:

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