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At Dentist Perth our clinicians view a set of teeth as part of a functioning chewing system that shares the load in doing their masticatory work. Not surprisingly this chewing system functions most efficiently when there is a full complement of teeth. Different options for restoring and maintaining the integrity of the teeth  and  their function can be explored and treatment planned.   Examples include:

  • A crown fits over the existing natural tooth and replaces the natural crown, the part seen above the gum.

  • A bridge can replace one or more missing teeth.  A bridge consists of an artificial tooth anchored to natural teeth on each side of the gap.  Other options include the insertion of one or more dental implants in the gap, on which a crown or bridge can be placed.

  • The purpose of a crown or bridge on a back tooth is to transmit the load brought about by chewing food directly onto the root structure below.  The root, in turn, disperses this load into the jaw.  A crown or bridge also gives reinforcement to the top part of the tooth like rings around a wine barrel.

  • Where cavities are not extensive, conservative porcelain inlay fillings can be inserted.  Enamel and dentine bonding techniques bind the tooth and inlay together .The restored tooth now has strength, aesthetics and smooth cleanable surfaces. Healthy gum tissues can now be maintained.

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At the preparation visit, your Dentist Perth clinician pays particular attention to detail and accuracy.  This attention to detail combines the use of the most accurate impression materials and restorative techniques.  In following this philosophy our technicians have the ability to produce a beautiful looking restoration with an excellent fit crucial to maintaining a high standard of clinical work. Dentist Perth ensures all work undertaken is in keeping with the use quality matrials and dental techniques and according to available current research.

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