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Our Perth dentists use AIR ABRASION.

We at Dentist Perth believe in the philosophy and practice of “micro dentistry” which includes: Finding and treating decay as early as possible and removing as little tooth structure as possible and making the smallest, most aesthetic filling we can.  Put simply Dentist Perth Clinicians promote minimal invasive intervention with the best results possible.

“Why use Air Abrasion?”

Before the advent of Air Abrasion, initial tooth decay could only be treated by using a drill.  This procedure can put healthy tooth structure at risk in the process. As a result, dentists tended to keep these early lesions under observation, sealing them or applying fluoride.  This harm -minimization process kept any initial damage from impacting on surrounding healthy tooth enamel and dentine. The advantage of Air Abrasion is it allows minimally invasive micro-surgery to be performed without the need for any harm-minimization actions.

“What is Air Abrasion?”

Air Abrasion is a gentle, thin stream of abrasive powder that is used to remove only the decayed area of your tooth.  It makes a much smaller cavity than a dentists drill and in most cases can be used without a needle. Air Abrasion can be used for a number of other procedures including:

  • Removing staining

  • Repairing old fillings and fissure sealants

  • Preparing some teeth for cosmetic dentistry

  • Repairing chipped, fractured or worn teeth

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