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Benefits of Registration for Your Business on the Map of Perth

  • FREE grey location pin on the detailed map of Perth within days of approval of your registration by any Australian business with an Australian Business Number (ABN).  During registration you will be asked for your your street address. This tells our computer where to locate your grey pin showing where your business is on the map.
  • Benefits of up-grading for a $99pa paid listing are:
    • Your location linked pin on our popular, detailed maps of Perth WA.
    • Your location pin will be displayed in the map of Perth on top of free grey pins.
    • Search Engine results (dependent on the keywords you register with) will show your listing above free listings.
    • You blue location pin will be linked to your web address.
    • Your pin will have it's own "Find Engine Australia" web address. When you link this web address to words such as "Our Office Location" on your website or email, visitors will see the map of Perth with your LINKED pin (can show ONLY your pin if one of the keywords you register with is UNIQUE)




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