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Professional search engine marketing company Perth Western Australian based, making Perth websites popular by connecting your sales information with Perth and international customers searching for what you sell.  You found this page for "search marketing perth" We can also get your clients finding your information with our effective search engine marketing strategies explained to you in plain English within a free 15 minute appointment.

What is Search Marketing?

Simply put, search marketing is when you pay searches to show on their search engine results (SERP) pages. It's pay per click (PPC) for search engines. The elephant in the room for search engine marketing is Google's Adwords. Search engine marketing is NOT SEO.

How Does Search Engine Marketing Work?

Search engine marketing is a bidding game. The more you bid the higher your online ad shows on SERPs. The quality score of your ad is a factor too.

How Much Does Search Engine Marketing Cost in Perth?

First of all don't think of search engine marketing in Perth as a cost but rather an investment. Over the years cost per click (CPC) rates have been going up a lot. COST FACTORS:

  1.  For lucrative/competitive phrases the bidding is intense. 
  2. The quality score of your landing page. You need a good SEO expert in Perth to improve the quality score of your landing page.
  3. The management fee of your search engine marketing management company. This fee not only includes their management of your search engine marketing but also their profit.

Search Engine Marketing Compared to SEO Work?

There is a place for search engine marketing:

  1. If you've got deep pockets.
  2. Marketing a short time span event. For example you don't want to spend thousands of dollars to promote a one time only weekend concert event.
  3. Fast promotion. The day you start your search engine marketing camaign is the day your ads start showing on search engines. For example it can fill the week or so till your new SEO is discovered by search engine spiders.
  4. When there's no competition for your phrase.
  5. When your SEO is bad.

In the long run SEO is better value than search engine marketing.

We like to work with your current marketing company in Perth please contact 4 Web Marketing.

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