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I'm a digital marketing consultant Perth wide, working with you, your Perth marketing manager, other traditional Perth marketing consultants, advertising agency or Perth web developer to improve the search engine position ranking of your website. We like contract work for Perth marketing managers for a number of mutually beneficial reasons:

  • It makes Perth marketing consultants look good getting results in search engines your clients' want.

  • 4 Web Marketing share with marketing consultants Perth wide, significant incentives for bringing in internet online adverting work which 4 Web Marketing specialise in.

  • 4 Web Marketing refer our clients to conventional Perth marketing consultants for press, radio, television, network marketing and Perth web developers.

  • 4 Web Marketing is West Australian owned and operated.  When you invest in the best in the west (Australia actually try "web marketing australia" at  :-) we'll refer your marketing consultant Perth services to our clients.  (The original Western Australian Birthmark was conceived at home when I was a teenager by Ian Parkes, Perth's leading marketing consultant then)

When your clients give you generic targeted keyword phrases, 4 Web Marketing's SEO Perth expert will get them on page one of search engine results.  Check some of our internet advertising winning phrases here.

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Internet marketing ( viral marketing using the web ) can take a variety of forms including:

Static banner examples in The Art Gallery under A$100

eg. the graphic header at Marketing_Consultant_Perth0 which could be your company name took 10 minutes to make. ie; US$5  Sit with me at our Perth internet advertising office to design your animated or static graphic. There are many options for web marketing.

Perth marketing consultants

Price can depends on:

  • Size (kb)

  • Animated or static.

  • Location: page, top, bottom, etc.  

  • Hits per page

  • Impressions, number and time banner is displayed

  • Click throughs (number of times your banner is clicked on.)

  • Relevance to page.

  • Frequency and Duration of banner ad. eg 5 seconds every minute, for a month.

Advertising Banner rates at PerthPerth or Scarboro or Surfing Australia sites do NOT include graphic design for banner ads

These prices are very competitive when compared to traditional mass media such as a bold listing in a phone directory.

We have a persuasive letter ready to email requests to exchange links with other sites.  Alternatively use our link exchange software. The more links you have to your site the higher ranked position you'll get with search engines.

We can arrange to have you listed on various Business to Business (B2B) and or Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Government (B2G) web directories. This is an excellent way of driving more traffic to your site.

Adverting agency Perth executives are welcome to discuss internet advertising strategies at our offices.

If you want the current world's best web marketing consultant to come to your Perth marketing executives office, you'll need to prepay $100 for callout for professional web marketing consultation.  I GUARANTEE you'll save that in spades by getting me in early planning stages of your web marketing campaign strategy planning.

Discount Perth web marketing consultant rates for Perth Charities are 25% or more.

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