Dial 000 for Perth Hospital Emergencies including ambulances to Perth Hospitals.

As with most Perth hospitals, ambulance ramping is still a problem where emergency department patients have to wait for hospital admittance inside an ambulance parked outside Perth hospitals. After that, patients are sometimes kept waiting in hospital corridors for hours to receive treatment. Hospital patients are assessed and emergency hospital care is prioritised for the most urgent patients in need. To alleviate the pressure on Perth hospitals the health department of WA have set-up emergency GP urgent care clinics across the Perth metropolitan area.

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Below is a list of Perth hospitals in alphabetical order.


Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital phone number 9391 2000

Attadale Hospital phone number 9330 1000

Bentley Hospital phone number 9334 3666

Bethesda Hospital phone number 9340 6300

Cambridge Private Hospital phone number 9380 4999

Fremantle Hospital and Health Service phone number 94313333

Fiona Stanley Hospital phone number 6152 2222

Galliers Private Hospital & Specialist Centre phone number 9391 1000

Gi Clinic phone number 9474 1567

Glengarry Hospital phone number 9447 0111

Graylands Selby-Lemnos & Special Care Health Service phone number 9347 6600

Hawthorn Hospital phone number 9444 8166

HMAS Stirling Health Centre phone number 9553 2779

Joondalup Health Campus phone number 9400 9400

Kalamunda District Community Hospital phone number 9293 2122

Kaleeya Hospital phone number 9339 1655

King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women phone number 9340 2222

McCourt Street Day Surgery phone number 9388 3999

Mercy Hospital phone number 9370 9222

Mount Hospital phone number 9481 1822

Mount Lawley Private Hospital phone number 9370 2500

Murdoch Surgicentre phone number 9366 1290

Niola Private Hospital phone number 9381 1833

Osborne Park Hospital phone number 9346 8000

Peel Health Campus phone number 9531 8000

Perth Clinic phone number 9481 4888

Perth Surgi Centre phone number 9474 2603

Perth Childrens Hospital phone number 9340 8222

Rockingham Family Hospital phone number 9527 2222

Rockingham/Kwinana District Hospital phone number 9592 0600

Rottnest Island Nursing Post phone number 9292 5030

Royal Perth Hospital

9224 2244  or  92246500 then patient's number.
Royal Perth hospital or RPH as it's known is where the wife of the publisher of this website works as a PCA. Public pressure kept it from closing years ago. It still is one of the major hospitals in Perth.

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital phone number 93463333

South Perth Community Hospital phone number 9367 7966

phone number 366 1111

St John of God Hospital, Subiaco, where my mum died. phone number 382 6111

Swan District Hospital, Midland phone number 9347 5244

Westminster Day Surgery phone number 349 5555

Woodside Maternity Hospital phone number 9319 7200

Woodvale Private Hospital for Women phone number 9309 3222

Wooroloo Health Clinic

BIG Map of Perth

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000 Emergency Telephone Number for Perth Hospitals including ambulances to Perth Hospitals