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2020 Surfing photos of Perth WA are mostly photographed and videoed at Trigg Point, a reef break which leads into a beach break in summer. You can see Trigg Point and other Perth metropolitan surf spots on the Google Surfing Map of Perth. Trigg Point works in summer when the sand comes back to fill in the Blue Hole. It then becomes the best surf break in Perth but most surfers know that so it becomes over crowed, especially during the long summer school holidays when the grommet boogie board surfers and board surfer population swells.


In the first half of summer you need to get to your Perth surf beach EARLY morning before the sea breeze known as the "Fremantle Doctor" comes in at about 10am. From about February to April, surfing conditions can be perfect all day with glassy walls and no wind or light off shore (easterly) winds. If a cyclone comes down the coast, waves can be quite big for Perth. (2 metre).


Perth's winter surf builds sand banks along the Sunset Coast. It's 3mm steamer wetsuit time but despite the cooler conditions, surfing on low wind chill, sunny winter days with the sun on a black wetsuit is an enjoyable, popular experience. The full surf beach car parks are testimony to that. A cheap steamer wetsuit in Perth from a surf shop costs about $100. Buying wet suit online might be cheaper, but it's best to go to a retail surf shop in Perth to try your wet suit on. I ware my steamer wet suit with a zip at the front, a lot more than my business suit which costs $200 and I have more fun in my wet suit.


Spring surf is the best way to clear hay fever but keep in mind that it is whale migration season past Perth and that the great white sharks follow the whales. It doesn't keep me out of the water and in years of surfing in Perth, I haven't had any close encounters with sharks in Perth. I enjoy fishing and surfing but there has been disagreement between surfers and recreational fishermen in Perth. You can vote and express your opinion on this burleying near surfers online poll.

In 2020 keep safe and check the WA government's Shark Smart website for new shark sightings on the map of WA.


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