Google Maps Training Perth Google Maps Training Perth

Integration of Google Maps with Google+ Places for business and Google web apps makes it essential to learn how to create and manage Google maps.

  1. Why Google Maps are so important.
  2. The difference between Google's Google maps and your own Google maps.
  3. Example of your own Google Map:  and
  4. How to create Google maps:

    1. How to add pins to your Google maps.
    2. Adding layers to Google maps
    3. Adding photos and videos in pins on Google maps.
    4. Selection of Google's pins or your own pins on your Google maps:
      Google map default icons
  5. Embedding Google maps on web pages.
  6. Where your Google maps are stored online.
  7. Downloading and saving your Google maps to your hard drive.
  8. Switching to Google Earth view, terrain view and other types of Google maps.
  9. Where to get online official and community help with making Google maps.
  10. Map marketing training Perth.

    1. Content production for Google maps such as photosphere "Street View" type photos for Google maps.
    2. How to get your Perth Google+ business page on Google Maps.
    3. SEO for Google maps so that your Google map shows on page one of the Google Search Engine. Eg how we get 1 million views a year to our
    4. Sharing your Google maps with:
      1. People and Google circles
      2. Google+ Open Communities
  11. Google Map Maker

    1. How places show on Google's Google maps.
    2. How to get landmarks and other public interest places added to Google's Google Map.

Enrol in a 1 hour $66 Google Maps Training Course in Perth's northern suburbs at Trigg.

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