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Send 7 mail merged letters to managers of paint outlets in each state; reporting all states sales figures.

This is an open book test.  You can also use the F1 key for MS Office help. Common formulas:

Addition=sum(first cell coordinate:last cell coordinate)
  1. Open your Excel file you created in previous lessons
  2. Right click any tab at the bottom left of the page  >  Insert  >  New Sheet.
  3. Rename the new sheet "Test" and colour the tab light green.
  4. Add the following data to the new sheet.
  5.  200020012002200320042005
  6. The numbers below each year represent litres of paint sold.  Assume @ $2 / litre
  7. Show totals in column "H" with an Australian total in H8.
  8. On the "Test" Sheet create a bar chart for Western Australian sales ONLY for 5 years.  Extra marks for labelling.
  9. On the "Test" Sheet create a simple (non fragmented) pie chart for All states year 2000 only sales.
  10. Save Excel file in Prac folder with your name.
  11. Bonus marks for those who can save another chart on the Test sheet, showing paint sales of all state over all 5 years.  Tip: Start by selecting all of what is shown in part 4 above.
  12. Report to the managers, using MS Word, as much as you can in the best way you know how including:
    1. Sales by litres table (like in point 4 above but with totals)
    2. Sales by dollars table (like in point 4 above but with totals)
    3. Litre sales chart
    4. Dollar sales chart
  13. Use the addresses you invented in previous lessons to mail merge your reports to.
    Tip:  You need to copy (Ctrl+C) tables and a chart to the NEW original mail merge document file named and saved as "mail merge source.doc"  Use the letter mail merge wizard to merge to another Word document I want you to save to the file name "mail merge test.doc"
  14. A unique first paragraph scores bonus marks.
  15. Once you have completed the basics of this Excel info into mail merge report, you can go back to your Excel table and work on formatting (working on it's appearance) and then work on the formatting of the test Word doc.

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