UPLOADING FILES TO YOUR ISP using Bulletproof ftp



  1. Three items of information are required and supplied by your ISP

    1. Username

    2. Password

    3. Site address (ftp address)  eg: ftp.users.bigpond.com

  2. Ctr+S opens the site manager dialogue box

  3. Enter in ordinary text the name of the site.  eg:  Ben's website.

  4. Enter username and password

  5. Browse to the web folder on your computer to enter Local Directory.

  6. Initial remote directory should be left blank if not sure.

  7. Port 0 (zero) will default to port 21 if required.

  8. Add/Update.


  1. Highlight Site Address to be up-loaded.

  2. Connect within Site Manager or

  3. In the main view check host address, port, login, and password.

  4. Click handshake icon at top left of screen.

  5. Ok usual dialer

  6. Wait for connection to internet

  7. If post dial dialogue box appears with text message from your ISP, click OK

  8. Highlight folders and or files on left-hand-side of screen

  9. On right hand side of screen check destination of folders/files at your ISP.

  10. Queue folders/files on RHS of screen for up-load by clicking icon of folder with large up arrow on toolbar near top of screen.

  11. Click "GO" button.

  12. Open folders at your ISP to check if files are contained in.

  13. If there is a index.htm and an index.html file in the root or public_html  or www folder at your ISP - delete or rename (F2) one of the index files.  Index.html is read by browsers before index.htm.

When your files are finished uploading, start your web browser to view the new web pages and new image files in the new pages.  DON'T FORGET TO HIT THE F5 REFRESH BUTTON ON YOUR KEYBOARD to force the browser reload the web page from the www rather than looking at the old web page in your temporary internet folder cashed in your computer.

File management within BulletProof FTP is similar to Windows Desktop Explorer.

Sorting columns of files by DATE on both your computer and at your ISP is very useful in remembering which files you have been editing recently and are ready to replace outdated files at your ISP.

Use the right button to see useful commands such as Make directory (folder) or rename a folder.

From the top of screen drop down menu: OPTIONS > GENERAL > SOUND.  Browse to a sound file such as C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA\Tada.wav for the transfer completion sound.  This allows you audio notification when working on other things.

Ftp can is the best way to download an exact copy of a site (or part of a site).

Ftp is built into Frontpage (FILE > PUBLISH WEB) and many other programs.  FrontPage Publish Web is suited to ISPs having FrontPage Server Extensions.  It has a problem with trying to upload all files even if ticked not requested, meaning a question "do you want to replace the existing file" (at your ISP)  This is repetitive and time consuming.

Download BulletProof from http://tucows.iinet.net.au  Windows site.


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