1. Place image or object on scanner
  2. In Photoshop:  FILE > IMPORT > TWAIN32.
  3. In the Scanning dialogue box:
    1. Settings
      1. Image Type > True Clour
      2. Output Resolution > Tick Web 75 DPI > SETTINGS BUTTON > OK  (Monitors do not display resolutions better than this. If you want the image significantly larger, you'll need to rescan.  Image and be reduced without losing quality with a graphics editor such as Photoshop.
    2. Set size to 100%
    3. Preview Button
    4. Move corners of scan area cropping frame to frame area of image to be scanned
    5. Scan Button
    6. If the Scanning dialogue box does not close automatically, click X in top right hand corner.
  4. The image should be visible in Photoshop.  Save it BEFORE graphically editing it.


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