1. Before starting this frames exercise with MS Frontpage 2000;
    1. Make a new folder named "framesexercise" in the "My Webs" folder which is a subfolder of "My Documents"
    2. Ensure you have the ability to create frames ticked off in page options by selecting from the drop down menu:  Tools > Page Options > Compatibility > tick frames.
  2. File
  3. New
  4. Page
  5. Select grey frames tab at top LHS of templates dialogue box.
  6. Select your frames option after watching preview of style at RHS
  7. For this exercise select "Content" template.  Once selected note that while you see 2 frames the view on your screen is actually made up of 3 web pages.
  8. Click boarders to get an idea of the 3 web pages.
  9. Starting with the LHS frame click the new button.
  10. From templates select normal
  11. Insert a table consisting of 4 rows and one column.  In the table insert the links:
  12. Intro
    Page 2
  13. Format background colour to red.
  14. On the RHS frame click the new page button.
  15. Select "Normal" page from templates
  16. Title this page as INTRODUCTION.
  17. Format background colour of Introduction page blue.
  18. In the tools bar click the floppy disk icon to save these 3 web pages for the first time.
  19. Move the dialogue box away from the middle of screen.  This should reveal another dialogue box showing the current page being saved.
  20. Save the LHS frame page as lhs.htm
  21. Save the RHS frame page as rhs.htm
  22. Save the all encompassing page (which extends from top, bottom, left and right edges of your screen) as index.htm
  23. Click once inside RHS frame
  24. File
  25. New Page
  26. Normal from template choices
  27. Title it as "PAGE TWO"
  28. Format its background to yellow.
  29. Save it as page_2.htm
  30. Test your frames site in a browser.
  31. If all is OK modify your frames with the following exercise:


  1. Right click inside left or RHS frame.
  2. Select Frames Properties
  3. Frames Page
  4. Frames tab
  5. Untick "Show Boarders"

REPEAT frames exercise with "Header" frames template.