1. Table
  2. Insert
  3. Table ....
  4. In the dialogue box enter values which define your table.  Eg:
    1. Number of rows and columns
    2. Boarder thickness.  If you choose zero, your table will be invisible.  A handy way of keeping page elements in place.
    3. Alignment options position your table on the page (or inside another table ie: a table within a table)
    4. Cell spacing and cell padding
  5. To insert a table within a table:
    1. Click inside a cell
    2. Repeat steps 1 to 4.
  6. Use the table drop down menu to:
    1. Insert:  Rows, columns or cells
    2. Select a cell
    3. Merge cells
    4. Split cells
    5. Distribute rows or columns evenly.


Exercise - Cells to appear like rectangular buttons:

  1. Insert a 3 cell table using the table icon (blue top row, 12 white cell with grey boarders) in the task bar.  (different method that described above.)  Just click on the third cell along.
  2. Move cursor just to left side of cell row till the cursor changes to an arrow.
  3. Click to highlight the 3 cells.
  5. Right click in any cell.
  6. Select CELL PROPERTIES ...
  7. Style
  8. Format
  9. Border
  10. Box
  11. Outset
  12. Border colour green
  13. Shading tab
  14. Background colour blue
  15. Foreground colour light blue for light blue text.
    HOMEEmailWeb Marketing
  16. Type Home in cell 1
  17. Type Email in cell 2