Wordpress Training Perth


Wordpress content management system (CMS) training Perth wide is an important professional development choice for in the cloud web design Wordpress is by far the world's most popular CMS. If you want to do web design as part of your job it's recommended you get training in Wordpress.

We've trained Wordpress users in Perth. We love teaching beginner lessons in Wordpress. The best things about our Wordpress training in Perth are listed below:


  1. Build your website in Perth while being trained in Wordpress in Perth. That's a cheap way of getting w free website plus you'll never be dependent on web designers again.
  2. Small Wordpress training group on demand, usually one on one.
  3. 18 years experienced teacher, not just a geek who can't teach.
  4. Cheap Wordpress training @ $66 per hour with even further discounted Perth Wordpress training for:
    1. Staff of not-for-profit organisations
    2. More than one student per lesson.
    3. WA Seniors Card holders and Pensioners.
    4. People on the dole.
  5. Comprehensive Wordpress tainting Perth wide from start to finish.
  6. Hands on training at your pace.


  1. Why the right domain name is so important.
  2. Setting up your domain name to work with your website.
  3. Criteria for selecting a good web hosting provider:
    1. Reliability.
    2. Processing speed/power.
    3. cPanel with Wordpress Intrallatron.
    4. Other features such as CDN if you want to attract international visitors.
    5. The least important site hosting consideration is price. We hosing is useless if the site is crashed often and it has the power of a pocket calculator.
  4. How to set-up Wordpress with a basic installation using Installatron.
  5. How to select a Wordpress theme suited to your website needs.
  6. Why it's important to use a lightweight Wordpress theme, especially for Wordpress beginners. Where to download free lightweight Wordpress themes.
  7. How to create a Wordpress page and consideration for choosing width and columns. I reckon the less the better.
  8. How to use a Wordpress page builder like Elementor to add content such as text, images, maps, videos, forms etc to a web page.
  9. How to backup your website incase you need it for disaster recovery.
  10. How to add and update Wordpress plugins such as Image optimisation plugin.
  11. How to add and use Wordpress plug-ins.
  12. Editing Wordpress dropdown menu.
  13. Adding a logo in the header.

Wordpress training Perth.


  1. Change permalinks to “Post Name” in Wordpress settings, it's better for SEO than dirty URLs

  2. In the Media Wordpress settings, untick “Organize my uploads into month - and year-based folders”. (this makes it easier to find images and links since all media will now be in one directory)

  3. Change Thumbnail Size (Optional) – The default Wordpress thumbnail size of 150px by 150px is too small. 250px to 350px is better.


  1. Editing the footer
  2. How to setup and use Yoast SEO.
  3. Disable Comments – Wordpress puts comments everywhere by default. You don’t normally need them for your website)
  4. How to use a image optimisation plugin for decreased size of images without decreasing the quality. This improves page load speed.
  5. Lightweight Wordpress slider Easing Slider by Matthew Ruddy – If you insist on a slide show of photos, (though I don't recommend it) usually in the header of your webpage.
  6. I prefer Ninja forms over Gravity forms or Contact form 7 because it’s more completely set up from the start which means you don’t need to spend as much time fiddling with settings that are the same for most websites anyway.
  7. How to edit style sheets.
  8. If you collect sensitive/personal information on your site, how to make your site more secure by invoking an SSL certificate.
  9. Wordpress redirection of pages eg from http to https