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Business advisor and website promotion consultant, Perth Australia, with proven experience in marketing and management including HR training and financial management.  You found this web page via a search engine searching for "business advice perth" right? We at 4 Web Marketing work closely with your business advisor or manager, advising on things such as:

  1. What are the ESSENTIAL first steps for SMEs in business planning such as determination of the best intellectual property for a start-up business, who should control IP and how to secure IP.

  2. SEO and other web marketing training for Perth's digital agency executives, marketing training manuals, and getting the most out of Google My Business.

  3. Sales training in Perth for your sales staff, director of sales and marketing DOSM, business development manager, sales letters, online newsletters magazines ezines, findable websites for business development, tracking visitors through your site. Marketing manuals

  4. Improved financial management for CFOs of SMEs.  Integration of your bookkeeping with the web and your database,  etc.

  5. Internet advertising (different than internet marketing) on a small budget, where your ads apear on popular web pages like this one. Other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, News Groups, B2B, B2G, B2C sites, online directories

  6. Increased market share

  7. Business systems integration and automation of business processes.

Our free business advice in Perth DRAMATICALLY improves the profitability and productivity of your commercial objectives. (Ask our clients) Regardless if you already have a successful well developed business or need intensive support for new bbusiness development starting with essential contribution ideas at the beginning of your business plan, our Perth business advisors have the experience to support you with your business development in a wide range of commercial endeavours. Our business advice in Perth is free because we know that when you business is sucessful, you'll be our loyal client.

We look forward to delivering good business advice to your Perth web developer, marketing manager, CEO, CIO, CFO, out sourced contractors, executives of Perth's advertising agencies,  other senior Perth business executive managers,  leaders in the not-for-profit sector and traditional Perth marketing consultants.

business development perth internet useage
53% of Perth small businesses use the internet
Source: Western Australian department of Consumer Affairs and Protection

Web Marketing

FREE, no obligation business advising in Perth, including web marketing questions that have been frustrating you for a while.
Read tips and or call Ben's Perth number on 61 8 9243 4215 or M: 0418958799

I know what business advice works in Perth for which type of Perth business and which type of media for a particular Perth or international market.  I have taken on the world with competitive keywords such as " marketing manuals" and won.  Position 1 against over half a million savvy web marketers for one of our targeted keyword phrases "marketing manuals"  Try it at   :-)  I got to the top of the world for the cost of our Silver Plan. If you'd like me get top position on search engines for your targeted keyword phrase would that help develop your business?  I think so.  Just call me between 8am and 8pm Western Australian Standard Time (+8 GMT) any day of the week for your free business advice about a range of business development strategies suited for your business.  You'll be surprised how inexpensive our business advice is using our proven web marketing strategies.  If you don't believe me see what our clients say or see clients' charts of website popularity improvement afte as little as one hour of advice.   If you are in a very competitive field, don't worry.  Our other plans can get you the position you want with search engines.
For example if you want your targeted keyword phrase "computer sales" to get top position against the likes of Dell and Compaq with armies of Search Engine Optimisation specialists like me, and huge number of quality links to their sites, then forget competing with that phrase. Even our
Platinum Plan will not win without a lot of extra work BUT if you narrow your keyword phrase to "computer sales perth" I can GUARANTEE you good position on page 1 of search engine results, if you follow my business development advice.

More Business Advice

I've mentioned web marketing strategies as an intro to business development strategies because it is so cost effective.  Here is  some other business advice that work in Perth Australia and I guess for most places:

  • Networking with other Perth business organisations such as

    • Business Network International

    • Australian Institute of Company Directors

    • Australian Institute of Management AIM

    • Local Chambers of Commerce

    • BarterCard

    • Stirling Business Association

    • Business service providers many of whom are 4 Web Marketing's clients.

  • Opt-in Email Entice subscribers with prizes, discounts, information, sample voucher, etc to subscribe to:

  • Online Magazines, eZines  Appropriate email format for recipients is important.  (eg if your recipient can only receive plain text emails because they live in a remote place with poor telco infrastructure, then this should be noted against their email listing in your database )  You need to decide if you want to send embedded images in your emails message section or want the image to be called up live from a web page. Talk to me in Perth Australia about this 61 8 9245 5338 or any other FAQs  Again its a telco issue.

  • Liaison with marketing managers and webmasters to swap quality internet links to improve your site's link popularity and therefore position on the search engines.  4 Web Marketing has software that automates the link swapping process.

  • Implementation of strategies and advice contained in the value for money marketing manuals we sell.

  • Strategic alliances.

  • Interactive office phone audio visual, call waiting services by a telco based in Perth.

  • Registration with Austrade,  Western Australian Government Tendering submission, GEM, SPIRIT and other Government to Business ( G2B ) websites

    Social Media Marketing

  • Perth corporate digital video productions and multimedia presentations.

  • Working the Internet News Groups about your categories of interest.

  • Registration with Business to Business ( B2B ) websites.  Active involvement with b2b site leads.

  • Submission writing to Australian philanthropic benevolent organisations such as Lotteries West and funding organisations such as Australian state training organisations.  I have raised over $1M in successful submission writing to these organisations.

  • Set-up of multiple trading names and websites: Call me for benefits such as pushing opposition off search engine results pages.

  • Implementation of various levels of ecommerce option.  Call my Perth Australia number +61 8 75051280 for advice.  Our team of web developers implement it for you.  Fully functional Ecommerce sites with shopping carts are Aust$6,600

  • Database design and management and using it for direct mailing to your community members.

  • Telemarketing

  • Perth signage, vehicle signage, billboards, bumper stickers, etc

  • Perth radio station advertising

  • Perth newspaper advertising

  • Perth television advertising

  • Effective research for buyers of your good or services.

  • Engagement of PROFESSIONAL image creators.  Perth photographers graphic designers and cinematographers. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

  • Becoming an authority in your field and joining the speaking circuit.  If you're in Perth and are an authority in your field let me know and I'll invite you to address one of the Perth networking organisations I belong to.  We'd love to hear from you and it'll give you a chance to promote yourself in an infomercial.

  • Networking with Australian communities and sponsorship of them and not-for-profit organisations.

  • Need a Perth business coach or mentor?  I'll introduce you to some or if they are all fully booked, I'll guide you through the Internet maize myself.

  • Take financial management control of you business. We'll show you systems suited to the size of your business.  Even integrate your bookkeeping with the web and database.

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Get free business advice for small businesses in Perth

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Considerable discounts of 50% on all services are available to Perth not-for-profit organisations. Very generous discounts are also available to Perth business advisors consultants and members of professional bodies such as:

Business Advisor Perth
4 Web Marketing
POB 334 Scarborough, Perth
Western Australia

If you're a professional Perth business advisor and want your advice on this page, phone Ben on 0418958799.

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