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Need a doctor in Perth after hours for a sports injury or non-critical treatment on weekends? This list of doctors in Perth Western Australia may help. For serious medical emergencies phone 000 for an ambulance to Perth Hospitals, where specialist Perth doctors provide urgent emergency medical treatment.

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In case of a future heart attack emergency in Perth, bookmark this Google map of defibrilator locations in Perth WA.

List of Doctors Perth Wide

Royal Perth After Hours GP Clinic  92021660

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital 93463333

King Edward Memorial Hospital 93402222

HealthDirect 24 hour 18000 22222

HealthInfo 1300135030

Public hospitals' Outpatients Direct 1300855275

Poisons Information Centre 131126


Hon. Dr Kim Hames Achieved the positions of Deputy Prmier of Western Australia and minister of Health and Tourism. Dr Hames worked for 20 years as a GP mostly in Perth. Before entering Parliament Dr Hames was a councillor at the City of Bayswater. In 2011 he was chosen as the Old Guildfordian of the year. Kim and I were in Stirling house at the same time and we both left Guildford in 1970.

Dr Brendan Connor Graduated from University of Australia. Dr Connor has 18 years experience in General Practice, chronic disease management and preventative health care. Dr Connor also has a special interest in orthopaedics. He's my good doctor at the Scarborough Medical Centre.

Dr Lyn Wren Works at the Quinns Mindarie medical centre. She has been a teacher of GPs. Lyn has worked overseas in China. She was my bright science student many years ago.

Dr Zek Pervan and Dr Michael Lyon were my doctors when I lived in Darlington.

Listing in the new directory of Doctors in Perth is free. Advise name of practice, Perth suburb and GP clinic phone number via the Perth Health forum or contact contact form for free doctor listing below.

Non-specialist doctor is what government now names general practitioner (GP) doctor. I still prefer doctor or GP. Your doctor in Perth might not know exactly your medical problem but they can refer you to a medical specialist in Perth. Many doctors have formed a medical practice business partnership which might employ non-partner doctors and locum doctors in Perth. Some medical doctor practice businesses develop a medical centre in Perth with other medical support services.  An advantage of a medical centre (like a small hospital) is that more experienced doctors can give a second medical opinion however there is real benefit sticking with your family doctor who knows your medical condition and history. If you're not sure if all of a Perth doctor's consultation will be bulk paid by the government, ask the doctor's receptionist before you make an appointment if the doctor "bulk bills" Even if your doctor bulk bills it is likely you will have to pay for medicine at your Perth chemist. There is a shortage of doctors in Perth. This explains why they are overworked however it does not explain why every time I make an appointment with a doctor in Perth, there is ALWAYS a significant time wasted in Perth doctors' waiting rooms. Their minders should do some time management courses. We've heard excuses of emergency case pushing back appointments but every day!  Doctors of Perth, wakeup. You and your minders need to lift your professional standards when in comes to time management.

Alcohol and Drug Information 94425000

How do I get a GP Doctor in Perth?

Click the map at the top of this web page showing GP clinic locations in Perth. For urgent doctor attention phone 000
Google "doctor near me".

ACL surgery Perth doctor

If an ACL injury in Perth is causing chronic knee pain, make an appointment to see Dr Meyerkort who specialises in expert ACL surgery in Perth for robot assisted, partial and total knee replacement in Perth Western Australia

Professor, Dr Blakeney is a Perth orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in hip surgery and shoulder surgeries in Perth and Albany. Phone Dr Blakeney's orthopaedic clinic at St John's hospital Subiaco for an assessment of either non-surgical or surgical treatment such as rotator cuff shoulder surgery in Perth.

Shoulder rotator cuff orthpaedic surgery doctor Perth WA surgeon

Dr John Moran Dentist Perth with a specialty of dental implants in Perth or in if you're in Brisbane dental implants in Brisbane.

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Insurance Perth including heath insurance to be able to afford the doctor you want.

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