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  1. When applying for a home loan in Perth, think from the lender's point of view. They are in the business of earning money from the loan interest you'll pay. Not losing money on defaulting borrowers. Home finance lenders don't like taking risks.

  2. Be honest in your application.

  3. Apply early in life. Lenders don't like granting home loans to older borrowers at the end of their working life.

  4. The bigger your deposit the better chance of a sucessful home loan application. If you don't get a good uarantor. A deposit over 20% of the loan will avoid the expensive loan insurance.

  5. Have a good credit history.

  6. Show that you have a good stable income history.

  7. Show that you are good at saving. Not too many disposable income expenses such as gambling losses, restaurants, holidays.

  8. Make sure that the loan is for the value of the home which might be less than the sales price.

  9. When you're with the lender present your personal apperance well. You don't have to dress in a business suite if you're a tradie but don't come looking like a desperado/bum.

Please Complete the home loans Perth Form above if you are wanting to finance a home in Perth. If you have already got preliminary approval for a home loan and are still looking for a home see members of Real Estate Agent Perth.  A Perth Home Loans Consultant Will Contact you. If your are a registered mortgage broker in Perth providing home loans in Perth and want loan leads.


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