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In 2022 variable interest home loan interest rates in Perth climbed from 2 percent with a claim by the Reserve Bank of Australia that interest rates would remain fixed till 2024. Never believe a bankster. The average monthly mortgage repayments climbed in 2022 by 30 per cent from the April 2022 pre-tightening level. The RBA anounce another 0.25% rise in early October 2022. By October 2022 bank, principal plus interest variable home loan rates were about 6.5% while 5 year fixed rates are at 7%. (Comparison interest rates for home loans in Perth quoted). For a $500,000 variable home loan, this represents a monthly increase in repayments of $670, whereas a $1,000,000 home loan will cost an extra $1341 per month. First home loans perth

All Nation Finance provides the best deals on Perth home loan finance for low comparison interest rates which combines lending fees with lowest mortgage orignator variable and fixed term interest rates for home buyers in Perth WA. builderperth.com


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As the Reserve Bank of Australia increases the cash rate, banks are quick to pass on higher interest rates for their home loan packages but often slow to decrease mortage lending interest rates when the RBA lowers the cash rate. That's why it's good to shop arround for the best comparitive interest rate deal in Perth. Finance brokers like All Nation Finance source the best mortgage originators for the best property investment loans in Perth.


If family or friend is lending to finance your home loan or if you're using a finance broker or a bank for a home loan, a question to ask is how is the finance broker earning? By commission from the lender and or a brokerage fee. Even if you meet a home lender in a bank, it does not mean they are an employee of the bank. Make sure you know:

  1. Who you're dealing with?

  2. Who you're ultimately borrowing from?

  3. How the loan facilitator is being paid?

  4. What all the upfront and ongoing loan fees are including early exit fees and what the loan interest:

    1. rate is as a percentage

    2. loan type. variable or fixed.

    3. how it's calculated.

    4. what penatlies such as loan repayment default penalties, early exit fees etc.

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