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With demand for new home building companies in Perth easing, now is the time to select from our directory of new home builders in Perth.
If you would like us to have a new home builder in Perth contact you, please complete our new home building form below.

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Photo of modern new homes built by Perth building companies.

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The cost of building a new home in Perth. The cost of Accommodation in Perth while your home is being built. Some Perth builders offer to pay for accommodation while they're building your new home.

Home Loans type and interest rates are an important consideration. Anything over 4%, you could be paying too much.

When buying a new home in Perth, consideration needs to be given to what for and for whom? If it's for a retiree a Retirement Village Perth might be best but be careful. An ABC Four Corners program "Bleed Them Dry Until They Die" make for interesting viewing.

Some times you might only need a Home Extensions built in Perth

Proximity to transport links such as bus and rail.

Home insurance and content insurance policies must be read carefully. Not only that but insurance against a builder going broke while you've pre-paid for stages of building is not a bad idea.

The conveyancing work of a Settlement Agent by home sellers and the Western Australia stamp duty they pay.

If you're a property investor and you're having new homes built to rent out then a good Real Estate Agent and property manager is essential.

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