Restaurant Advertising Perth



  1. PHOTO/ADS inluding links back to your Perth restaurant site.
    1. Free photography including 360 VR 3D photoshperes and free ad design. Examples.
      Restaurant ads Perth
    2. Free VR photos of your Perth restaurant, posted in our VR Restaurant Perth photo album.
    3. At least 4 large photo/ads on the HOME page of
    4. At least 8 large photo/ads on the page about your style of cuisine in a category relevant to your type of restaurant, eg Waterfront Restaurants Perth, etc. Your listing includs links, sales pitch, phone number.
  2. PERTH RESTAURANT REVIEW MARKETING: If our dining experience is good, good restaurant reviews on leading popular online review websites. After the first meal our food critic eats at your restaurant in Perth, he'll write a review with photos on:
    1. Your restaurant's Facebook page.
    2. Review marketing. If your restaurant serves me a cockroach during a fammiliarisation tour, I won't give you a 5 star Google review. Example my Google+ reviews via Google Maps.
    3. Our Perth Restaurant Forum.
    4. Tripadvisor
    5. Zomato
    6. Yelp
  3. RESTAURANT VIDEO MARKETING. Ben will produce video clips to do free video marketing for your restaurant.
  4. FREE SEO review of Perth restaurant websites and free SEO consultation for Perth restaurants.
  5. FREE SITE POPULARITY tracking and reporting of Perth restaurant websites.
  6. MAP ADS: Free linked pin on the Google search engine winning page for "google map restaurants perth"  If you have a video of your Perth restaurant on Youtube, we'll add that to the photos on your linked pin. Our Google winners below drive diners to your Perth restaurant website.
    Google map restaurants Perth Video on Google map pin
    ISO (Image Search Optimisation) Your images found on Google image search and on Google maps: EG: In a few months this Thai and Indian restaurant got thousands of views of the restaurant photo we took and marketed, inclusive of the $1 per day Perth restaurant marketing plan.
    Perth restaurant ISO Image Search Optimisation Metro Indian Restaurant Perth free online advertising
  7. Discounted advertising rates for your Perth restaurant on the Perth Wall Calendar 2021. Google 1st for "wall calendar perth".
  8. VIDEO MARKETING: If your Perth restaurant does not have a video on Youtube, well will produce and market one for your restaurant. For free video production, video editing, and video marketing, what restaurateurs need to do are:
    1. Produce good looking food for 4 people
    2. Seat the models and video production crew at the best lit table at your restaurant. If you have a very low lit restaurant, let us know and we'll bring in some lighting equipment.
    3. If you have a clean / interesting well lit kitchen, allow a videographer in for 5 minutes.
    4. Be well presented and hopefully available for a few minutes to introduce / explain the unique features of your Perth restaurant.
  9. Referral to our Perth networks and recommendation for business network meeting venue in Perth at your restaurant/s.


  1. Perth restaurant discount offers advertised on  For example "On arrival, customer shows on their smart phone, your restaurant feature on for a 15% discount on Tuesday nights."
  2. Alternate restaurant telephone number. You can have the same line with multiple phone numbers, each with a different ring tone. Alternatively, list a mobile phone number.

Restaurateurs attract diners when they are actively looking for information about restaurants in Perth. Choosing the right restaurant in Perth can be a difficult decision, and it's understandable that many people feel lost when searching for a Restaurant in Perth.  Restaurant aims to make life easier for those looking for a Restaurant in Perth by type of cuisine. Because Restaurant is one of the most popular websites according to independent statistics, Restaurant has web marketing opportunities for your Perth Restaurant marketing manager or out sourced marketing company by suburb and specialisation such as Family restaurant, Italian Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, Thai Restaurant etc. Interested in an additional source for potential customers? Restaurant remains a POPULAR Perth Restaurant guide with integrity for growing numbers of Restaurants in Perth.  Not every Restaurant in Perth can afford to spend time required to gain maximum exposure on the web.  The Restaurant Perth guide helps fill that void.

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