Inserting an Image into a Web Page

How to Insert Images Using Expression Web

It is best to prepare images for load speed/quality before insertion into a web page. If using Photoshop: File > Save For the Web.

Insert Image into a Web Page Using Microsoft Expression Web:

  1. Alt + F1 to explore structure/folder list of your web on the LHS of screencomputer training perth
  2. Open your images folder
  3. Click an image file to see it appear small at the top of your folder list
    Drag dotted lines down to expand size of image:
  4. Drag and drop image to your web page
  5. In the FrontPage Explorer, drag and drop image onto web page.
  6. Double click inserted image to edit image properties.

Positioning an image is by:

inserting images into web pagesOnce an image is inserted, it can be edited by double clicking it if Expression Web has been configured to plug-in your graphics editor.

Rollover Button

Adobe Image Ready is a great way for roller creation.


Using MS FrontPage use a picture as the background of a hover button.

  1. In Page view, right-click the hover button, and then click Hover Button Properties on the shortcut menu.
  2. Click Custom.
  3. In the Button box, type the URL to the picture you want to use as the background for the hover button, and then click OK. Or, click Browse to locate the picture.
  4. In the Width and Height boxes, type the width and height of the picture in pixels, and then click OK. The size of the hover button must match the size of the picture.

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