Following are criteria for choosing a good internet service provider in Perth Western Australia:

  1. Reliability of an internet service provider is super important. You need to know you can access the web and your emails all the time. Questions to ask Perth ISP could include:

    1. What percent service continuity delivery has your ISP provided in the past year?

    2. What happens if the internet service fails? Does it fall back to data from the mobile phone network and if so at what speed? Telstra's deceptive and missleading conduct of advertising that if the NBN service drops out, their router will use the mobile data network but what they don't tell you is at what speed.  My experience after constant, frequent service dropouts was that the mobile data speed was typically a useless 0.1mb/second so after many months of investigations and failures to fix internet service delivery problem of dropouts and slow speed, not only for me but my neighbour and clients in Perth, I cancelled my Telstra internet service provider. Telstra can blame the NBN but I was paying a premium price for Telstra's HSIA (high speed internet access)

  2. How easy is it to communicate with your ISP?  Most have call centres in Asia.  If an ISP problem escalates, are you able to email a consistant, client liaison person via their direct phone number and or email?

  3. Does your internet service provider offer web page hosting, as most do, reliability is VERY important if you don't want your website knocked off the search engine because of "404 Error Page not found."

  4. How easy and good is your internet service providers technical support?

    1. Phone hours

    2. By email

    3. Charges or free

  5. Ask your internet service provider about congestion. They might have the biggest coverage but how many people are using their internet services in your area of Perth.

  6. Price  (eg free,  $15,  $25,  $44 per month.

  7. ISP Plans and Payment options:

    1. Bundled with phone or not

    2. Data:

      1. Prepaid or Contract.  If a contract internet service provider, keep in mind that you might not use your internet for a month when you go on Christmas holidays and that after some months the price of internet service provission in Perth usually drops. Towards the end of a 24 month internet service provider's contracted plan, you might wish you'd been able to take a better deal with more data and lower ISP price.

      2. Unlimited or limited eg 100Gb

      3. Peak and off peak ISP pricing?

    3. Monthly/Yearly?

    4. Just email only.

  8. Hours  Uninterrupted  Knock off demon.

  9. What equipment and how much if anything does it cost?

  10. How much is the internet access equipment set-up cost in Perth?

  11. Speed

    1. Download speed? use to check your internet speeds in Perth.  eg 64kbps,  NBN cable 100mb/s, etc. In the remote Phu Phan Mountains of North East Thailand internet speed is 115m/s!

    2. Upload speed    eg  5 Mbs

  12.  Ask if you'll get faster fiber to the curb or slower fiber to the node.  This depends on which side of the street your house is. Ask about proximity of nearest

    1. Telephone exchange.

    2. Point of Presence (POP)

  13. Web hosting space  eg 5mb  or  10mb  or  50mb  etc.