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2 hours per week beginners internet training course in Perth is priced at only $66 per hour per student.  Pace and hours of Perth's best internet training, can be altered for small groups of beginners. Discounts for Non-Profit Organisations, pensioners, students and Groups greater than one person. Free training manuals to keep. Weekly internet training for beginners are recommended and numbered below


1. Room Procedures and shutting down a PC

What is the Internet? Overview

  • World Wide Web. Defined, how to access it:

    • With your mobile phone

    • With WiFi.

  • High speed internet access (HSIA) account secure passwords.

  • Email

  • News Groups

  • 2. Internet Service Providers, Web Hosting Service Providers.

    Relationship between ISPs and the NBN.

    NBN problems


    • ftp

3. Browsers.

(eg Google's Chrome, MS Internet Explorer or MS Edge, Opera)

  • History, How to block spying cookies,
  • Help
  • Page Title
  • Dropdown menu.
  • Standard buttons  Navigation, home, history, etc.
  • Address Line
  • Surf’n
  • Bookmarks (Favourites)
  • Copying text, pictures, pages, etc
  • Web based mail.
  • Clearing History from  c:\windows\temporary internet folder.
  • Viewing source code.
  • Setting your homepage (not available for TAFE students)

4. Web Addresses (Uniform Resource Locators - URL)

  • (URL )
  • Types: Country codes , organisations, etc.
  • Home pages (index.htm or index.html)
  • Sites eg: free music, stock exchange, educational, sport, government, recreational, free software, pictures, web designer resources, etc.
  • Web based email
  • Online calendars
  • Organizing Bookmarks.
  • Domain names and Trademarks

5&6 Search Engines

  • Search techniquesPhrasing keywords, Boolean expressions, etc.
  • Which SE and when
  • Avoiding junk
  • Submission of your site to: free and paid express.

7 Email

  • eg  MS Outlook,  Eudora,  Communicator
  • Composing
  • Attachments
  • Formatting or Plain text  (When and why)
  • Inserting a picture
  • Setting up an email account
  • Stationery "signature" design, setup and automatic insertion
  • Address Book
  • Organising Outlook folder shortcuts  eg inbox, contacts, etc.

8. Making money from home with the internet.

9. Newsgroups

(Not available for my TAFE students at Subiaco )

  • Selecting a Group to subscribe to.

  • Replying to a message

  • Posting a message

10. Printing forms

Graduation / Certificate presentation

Creating your own web page. Quick introduction.

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