Revision:  Types of links:  1.  Hyper-text  2 Image   and  3 Hot Spot image map.


  1. File

  2. New

  3. Page

  4. Select Normal Page (blank) from General templates.  OK

  5. Save as index.htm  (convention for homepage file)

  6. Right click,

    1. Page Properties

    2. Type page title as "My First Home Page"

    3. Ok

  7. From the standard toolbar select show carriage return button " "

  8. Enter Enter Enter

  9. Go back to the top of the page.


  11. Format the heading appropriately. (h1, centred, etc,)

  12. Type some text under the heading

  13. At the bottom of the page type:

    1. EMAIL

    2. PAGE 2


  14. Highlight the text PAGE 2

  15. Create a link by:

    1. Ctrl+K or

    2. click the ion in the toolbar of a blue globe with a chain link.

    3. Note there are 4 types of links to choose from:

      1. www (any page in cyberspace that you know the http:// address of)

      2. email

      3. file on your computer

      4. new page.

  16. Click the icon for "new page"  (blank icon with top right corner tucked over)

  17. Save as page2.htm in the same folder on your A: as your index.htm page.

  18. Hit enter enter enter and on the top of page 2 type "PAGE TWO".   Format this heading.

  19. Right click

  20. Page properties

  21. Type Title: "PAGE TWO MY SECOND PAGE". and format appropriately.

  22. At the bottom of page 2 type:

    1. HOME


    3. EMAIL

  23. Highlight EMAIL

  24. Ctrl+K

  25. Select the envelope icon

  26. Type an email address (must have @ symbol)  OK  (You have just created a hyper-text link to an email address.)

  27. Highligh HOME

  28. Ctrl + K

  29. Either:

    1. Type in the rectangular box at bottom of dialogue box:  index.htm  or

    2. Click the index.htm file visible.  Delete any reference to A:////.  All that should show is the file you want to link to.  This occassion: index.htm  or

    3. (safest way) Browse to your file path by clicking the icon of a manila folder with a magnifying glass. Go to Drive (A:) and sub-folder where the file you're linking to is located.

  30. Ctrl + S

  31. Highlight PICTURE PAGE.

  32. Ctrl+K

  33. Select new page icon.  OK

  34. Enter Enter Enter.  Go to top of page.

  35. Type heading:  PICTURE PAGE.  Format appropriately.

  36. Save as picturepage.htm

  37. Type in any text and at the bottom of the page:

    1. HOME

    2. PAGE TWO

    3. EMAIL

  38. Create hypertext links from these words as per previous instructions  OR  Copy links on other pages to this picture page by:

    1. Go to the Windows drop down menu at the top of the page toolbar.


    3. Highlight links at bottom of the page.

    4. Ctrl + C  (ie copy)

    5. Go to the Windows drop down menu at the top of the page toolbar.

    6. Select Picture Page.

    7. Ctrl + V  at bottom of picture page to paste links.

    8. Crtl + S

  39. Go to Window drop down menu and look for pages with an asterisk * next to them.  These pages need saving:  Click the page.  Ctrl + S

  40. Once all pages are save:

    1. Click Preview tab at bottom of page. (Preview is like a web browser.)

    2. Test surf links.

    Back to Normal tab at bottom of page for editing / fixing broken links.

    Note:  You can surf from within the html edit mode (Normal) by holding down the Ctrl button and clicking with the left mouse button.

Go to graphics to prepare images for your Picture Page Exercise.

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