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Web development training Perth Australia

HTML training in Perth WA from not just a geek but an experienced teacher, delivering one on one training at your pace in PLAIN English with clear objectives.

Aim:  Using the latest Microsoft Expression Web, (formerly FrontPage), html WYSIWYG editor and plug-ins, create, fast loading, well designed web pages with multimedia features.  If you know Microsoft Word the transition to learn Microsoft Expression web html WYSIWYG editor is easy.


Expression Web training help. Fees and Enrolment

Setting up folders and file management. Planning and sketching lay-out. Navigation

Configuring MS Expression Web Plug-ins such as graphic editors.

Difference between a html editor and a browser.

Hyper-text (HTML) explained.
How to "insert hyperlink"  Difference between anchor text and links.

Importing pages and saving as templates. Modifying templates

Free webpage template resources.
Selecting a web page template good for search engines.
Starting a new webpage from non frame templates.
W3C web page standards

Style sheets made easy with Expression Web. If you're having problems handling .ccs style sheets and applying them to all pages instead of script on every page then it's time to upgrade from MS FrontPage to Expression Web.

i-frames and embedding content such as Google Maps, YouTube videos, Maps, Social media html code, etc.

Bigger Map 
Plenty of free parking near venue of web design training Perth at 4 Karrinyup Road, Trigg a northern suburb of Perth.

Views:  Design, Split ,Code, Preview.

Attributes: Text, Div, Tables, Cells etc

"Include" files into a web page.

Standard MS formatting and commands.  (same as MS Word)

On-line importing pages into MS Front Page.

Browser compatibility issues.

Text, formatting, types.

Working with images:  Inserting, scanning, resizing, boarders, thumbnails, alternative text, format types, hot spots etc.

Tables: inserting, formatting, etc.

Page Properties:
Page title
Sounds with your page
Link formatting
Background images in cells, tables, DIVs,
Meta tags


Templates, Frames
Opening links in separate windows.
Problem with frames.

FrontPage Plug-ins

Dynamic Hyper Text Mark-up Language (DHTML)

Script code - Java.

Improving page load speed. (this page should load in 3 seconds @ 56kbs with music !)

Brief look at other html editors.

Database driven dynamic web pages online.

Q: Why would you pay for an html editor if you can "save as" from other applications such as Microsoft Word ?

A:  Because MS Word saves a whole lot of unwanted html junk which slows the load speed of pages.  After checking the html code in source view, you'll see the junk html.

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