What is the Internet

Email Internet for Beginners Trainer Perth

A vast global computer network, linked by telecommunications such as telephone lines, satellites, fiber optic cables, etc.  Each computer can send and receive information across this world wide network.  There is no central point of control which means it continues to function even if computers connected to it break down or are unavailable.  Millions of users contribute information to the Internet.


EMAIL    -    For sending and receiving messages, letters, and attached files via the internet to any internet computer in the world.  My favourite application.

WWW    -    The World Wide Web. Browse web pages containing multimedia (text, graphics and sound)  Research using Search Engines.  Your are currently using a web browser such as MS Internet Explorer or Netscape to look at this page

ftp    -    Used for publishing (up-loading) web pages and multimedia files to the www.

IRC    -    Internet Relay Chat. A type of bulletin board which shows text as typed, in real time, including yours, of people joined into a chat room at that particular time. Try These chat rooms: WebWeaver's or ICQ

NEWSGROUPS    -    Bulletin boards where anyone, anywhere, can read and leave messages on over 8,000 topics from Automobiles to zebras.  (This feature is not available to TAFE students)  Click the mail button on your browser > Read News.

TELNET    -    Used for accessing information from other computers and databases. eg: Telnet enables your computer a home to emulate a computer in the library you've logged into.  You'll see the same screen as if you were in the library at their computer.

Email Internet for Beginners Trainer Perth

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