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Internet marketing in Perth can't get better than with either :Internet marketing in Perth can't get better than with either:

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Download Perth Toolbar to show popularity stats of any site you visit at glance. Also blocks popups

Pay Per Click Internet Marketing Perth

Advertisers get : rents space to AdWords at the BOTTOM of most PerthPerth pages. If you deal directly with PerthPerth you can set your PPC budget (min A$400) @ 50% per click (PPC) DISCOUNT on what you've been paying major search engines.

CPC Advertising online Perth

PPC internet marketing rates depend on the keyword phrase/s. Who sets the market rate for a phrase which includes the  word "perth"? Answer: Google. Example at the time of writing, Google's average CPC was $1.81 for the phrase "hotel perth". Search "traffic estimator" to see what it is now.  @ $0.90 PPC a hotel would get 444 UNIQUE visitors (interested customers) seeking hotel sales information for $400 invested.  PPC type of internet marketing is also known as pay for performance and is a a lot more effective than push marketing such as un-read junk mail stuffing up mail boxes. Scenario: If a flyer costs $1 to design, print, deliver and only 1 in 10 are read, then each read flyer effectively costs $10 which is a lot more than internet marketing to willing visitors to your sales information.
Another way of thinking about pay for performance PPC internet marketing is: If people ain't click'n your ad, you ain't pay'n.

Benefits of PPC Internet Marketing in Perth

  • PerthPerth charges a half of what you and your competitors in Perth are paying Google.

  • Full colour ad 4 time larger than what the American middlemen charge.  Compare example ads:
    internet marketing Perth
    Internet marketing leaderboard sized ad Perth
    Which of the above ads would you prefer? One of 4 small text ads or a full colour ad which delivers 4 times the customers for the same dollar? In addition, even if there is no click, the ad is supporting brand marketing with free impressions..

  • Free ad design like the ad above.

  • One time $100 click stats set-up for clear ad statistics

  • No PPC / Adwords management fee on top of your CPC fee.

Some advertisers on PerthPerth are:
Western Australian Government
News Corp's True Local
Yellow Pages

All Internet Marketing via PerthPerth are in Australian dollars and can in your design include:

  • Address and phone number

  • Link to your web address or Email address

  • Full screen video clip

Note Perth internet marketing rates are high for competitive phrases such as: "home loans perth" Eg the PPC market rate for "insurance perth" is approximately $32 per click!. PerthPerth's rate is $16 per click.

Free Internet Marketing Perth

  • Your web page in The Perth Internet Forum Post your pitch, photos, links for free.

  • For not-for-profit organisations, training how to uses The Perth Internet Forum

  • Got an ABN? Register for a free grey pin, Perth map listing in a suburb of Perth of your choice.

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Pay Per Click PPC Rate, Internet Marketing Banner Ads On PerthPerth

  • Half off the Cost Per Click (CPC) you're paying the search engines if you deal direct The more you bid the more incentive you give us to promote your bigger, full colour ads on the top of pages which relate to your business.
  • INDEPENDENT click statistics login anytime.
  • 4 times larger ad than than search engine banners and or text link.

Telephone BarterCard Perth 0418 958799 if you want to pay for any ads including your cheap pay per view TV ads on this Perth ipTV station in full with BarterCard dollars.

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Our online TV station (ipTV Perth) can upload your TV ad like the example above and broadcast (netcast) it to EXACTLY the right customers using search engines to connect with your sales information with statistics of completed views. At left, see internet marketing video stats or if it is daylight see Perth surfcam. We won't charge $1,000 per minute nor month to broadcast your TV ad to the RIGHT ipTV viewers Perth and world wide.

Internet Marketing PerthPerth Options for Negotiation

Host your web page on

Negotiated fee depends on how valuable the page phrases are. Example $1,700 for exclusived use of landing pages hosted on PerthPerth and exclusive lease of our domain name linking to it:

Pages which would have a higher internet marketing cost:

Video Testimonial of a client who leases a page at

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internet marketing stats Perth Australia
Perth Statistics

PerthPerth's most popular pages are Map of Australia and Map of Perth; excellent places for tourism businesses such as taxis, and Perth Hotel businesses to get discount internet marketing in Perth.

We own 717 websites and manage thousands for our clients. If you want to know how 1% of one man's effort can publish the most popular website about Perth, then contact Perth's best internet marketer with your internet marketing questions which we'll be happy to discuss free of charge for 10 minutes.

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