SEO Training Perth


SEO training Perth


SEO Training OUTCOMES: How to improve search engine position ranking. (better organic SERPs)


    1. Free keyword research tools

    2. Web page analysis.

      1. Google score of your web page, Google fix tips, and downloadable resources to fix your page for better SEO.

      2. How to test your page for mobile-friendlyness.

      3. Google Analytics, statistical analysis of visitors to your site.

      4. Other non-Google, free page and site analysis tools such as MOZ and Alexa

    3. Improvement tips from Google Console (formerly Google's Webmaster Tools)

    4. How to make web pages mobile friendly, a search engine ranking signal.

    5. How to improve your page load speed, a search engine ranking signal.

    6. Content marketing: How to keep visitors at your webpage and site longer. (Send a message back to Google that your "page authority" is good)

      1. Copywriting for SEO. ( Our 4 Web Marketing is usually Google first for "copy writing for seo australia" )

      2. How to create or get free and interesting content.

    7. SEO strategies including site structure, avoiding duplicate content and how to find and fix duplicate content problems.

    8. Best practice: page titles, description meta tags, "h" tags.

    9. Controversy over "exact match" domain names. Good places to buy exact match domain names and other IP.

    10. ISO (Image search optimisation) Yep, you'd be supprised at how many visitor to your site come via Google image search.

    11. Improve returning visitor rate.

    12. Getting visitors to buy or use goods / services from your site.

    13. Improved understanding of various SEO strategies listed below.price of training Perth

Cost of SEO training in Perth and Duration:

4 hours for a total investment cost of SEO training in Perth is $970 or discounted to $485 for not-for-profit organisations. For Perth charity staff training, the 4 hour SEO course in Perth is $280.  Never assess SEO expertise on price. Ask what COMPETITIVE phrases have you achieved.  If you're battling the CFO (bean counters) for SEO course funding, tell them this ►


  1. Increase natural, quality, dofollow links to your site/s from other sites.

  2. SEM training Perth including improving "quality score" of your landing pages" so that your cost per click is less.

  3. The difference between the all too common: sending people AWAY from your site and how to simply send them TO your site from social media sites.

  4. Social media marketing training Perth, but know that most only give nofollow links


    1. Map marketing
    2. Video marketing

    3. Setting up your own ezine with links in it to your site and getting subscribers to opt-in to your online newsletter / magazine ( ezine )

      PERTH SEO training, ENROLMENT

      In plain English you'll learn how to:

      1. Optimise a web page:

        1. How to view html code of your competitors' web pages already doing well on search engines and how to improve it.

        2. How to check the validity of your web page's html against the world governing body which defines html document standards for the world wide web. (This standards organisation is still overseen by the inventor of the www.

        3. Where to put keywordS

        4. How to phrase keywords:

          1. where to put the commas,

          2. order etc.  eg accommodation perth or perth accommodation ?

          3. wining at unique phrases or losing at competitive phrases.  eg computer sales perth or computer sales, perth.  Trying to beat the likes of Dell, IBM and Compaq ??  :-(

        5. Vary keywords including American miss-spelling of English.
          eg: optimise, optimize, optimisation, web page, webpage, web pages, webpages

        6. Add prominence to your primary targeted keywords

        7. How many keywords and keeping up keyword density.

        8. Add Header tags

        9. What and where to put code to tell search engines to read text in the body of your web page.

        10. To insert Alt image tags

        11. Insert keyword rich HyperTEXT and

        12. keyword rich HyperLINKS.

        13. Web page analysis and reports: online and offline

        14. Check and fix broken internal (relative) links.

        15. Quickly check that your links to external (absolute) sites are to sites that still exist or haven't change path to target.

        16. Check load speed of your page.

        17. Design and launch a form to collect subscriber information and alternatively where to get a 3rd party to collect and manage your email list server.

        18. Convert and of your printable documents, brochures, forms, spreadsheets, etc into compressed format for fast downloading from your website.  Ebook creation.

        19. Work the News Groups.

        20. Forms to Email

        21. Forms to Databases.

        22. Forms to comma separated value files ( csv )

        23. Prioritize the most important keywords prominently and the effect tables be they visible or not have on this.

      2. Social media marketing training Perth

      3. Google Adsense training  How to implement Google's Adsense for displaying Google Ads for passive income while you sleep.

      4. Spatial Directory. Benefits and use of being pined either for free or with a linked pin on the popular Perth Map  and  Map of Australia

      5. Viral Marketing Training

      6. Use Software Tools for:

        1. Position ranking of webpages.

        2. Optimising webpages.

        3. Profile setup.

        4. PROPER submission and management of submission of webpages.

        5. Link swapping.

        6. Setup of your organisation's PROPER Semi-automated submissions to over 675,000 search engines, following search engine submission rules to prevent being tagged as a "spammer"

      7. Setup pop-up windows. Personally they irritate me but you'll get free pop-up script with this course if you want to use them.

      8. Setup of your organisation's profile to approximately 30 search engines via a web based submission site. (for those that don't want the expense of specialist software.)

      9. Position rank your site.  ie automated testing to a depth of 50 or 100 hits of where your submitted URL is ranked. Includes your competitors.

      10. Run a Good Keywords Report BEFORE you buy a domain name.

      11. Where to buy domain names from inexpensive, slick operators with value added services.

      12. Inspire panic buying with the date script for "buy BEFORE midnight   " ie the users internal computer clock.

      SEO You'll Understand:

      1. Terms and Definitions such as Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ), SERP, SEM, CTR, exact match, etc

      2. The importance of reliable web hosting to maintain your search engine position.

      3. The value of keyword rich domain names.

      4. Search engines:

        1. Types, Differences (many)

        2. How they index.

          1. Web page Title

          2. Phrase keywords

          3. Body text on page, Proportional relevance to total text and placement on page.

          4. Description

          5. $s paid to search engine.

          6. Category

      5. B2B sites and G2B sites.

      6. Search techniques.

      7. How to get quarterly free website promotion tips.

      8. Reasons for Advertising on the Net.

        1. Branding

        2. Direct Marketing

        3. Customer Service

        4. Online sales

        5. Market Research

        6. Cross Promotions

      9. Gateway pages to assist search engine spiders to crawl through your site.

      10. Long tail SEO. "Every page should be a doorway to your site" ..
        ... except pages you don't want people to find because maybe you're selling downloadable information from.  You'll learn "no follow" code command to stop search engines indexing specified pages.

      11. Alt text (strategic keywords) in image... or an image loaded with keywords: internet marketing, perth, training, advertising, promotion, perth western australia, ranking <<<< Look closely; Is it really a red coloured full-stop or a small image loaded with hidden keywords?

      12. Importance of keeping your <head> clean and clear of unnecessary code such as the rubbish the fish on this page generate.

      13. Why font size is important.

      14. What auto-responders do or in extra time how to set-up autoresponders.

      15. Various levels of e-commerce implementation including:

        1. Price

        2. Real time or batch

        3. Trust

        4. Security

      16. Integration of your web marketing training with traditional marketing such as:

        1. Networking

        2. Bumper stickers

        3. Business cards

        4. Brochures

        5. Mass media

      17. Types of Web Ads:

        • Banners and linked animated gifs

        • Buttons

        • Logolinks altavista.gif (2821 bytes)

        • Sponsorship

        • Advertorials with links.

        • Cost / benefit of Banners.

      18. Tracking Site Activity with Web Statistics

        1. Cookies.

        2. Free stats with your web hosting

        3. 3rd party stats from Web Trends, AW Stats, detailed graphs and tabular text covering information such as:

          1. Times & dates

          2. Browser and Operating systems used

          3. Country

          4. Most referred URL

          5. Most and least viewed pages

          6. etc.

      19. Why it's important to have an email address matching your domain name.

      20. How to avoid being tagged as a spammer and what to do if you are.

      Opt-in Email marketing / Viral Marketing:

      1. Incentives for subscribers to join.

      2. Sending formatted html mail from FrontPage

      3. Sending formatted html mail from Outlook including preformatted signature with links to your site.

      4. Standard email requesting exchange of site links.

      5. Bulk (getting millions of address) (how to be a loathed spammer)

      6. How to start a Newsletter

      7. Receive the manual "Million Dollar Emails" valued at $48

      Who should attend SEO Training?:

      • Any person or organisation which has a website lost in Cyberspace.

      • Marketers

      • Web Developers

      • Advertising agents

      • Business people who have spent a fortune on a website and are not getting a return on their investment.

      • Managers

      • CTOs, CFO, ITOs

      • Writers and Publishers

      • Students

      • Investors in information

      • CyberSquatters

      • etc.

      PREREQUISITES:  Understanding of:

      • MS Windows operating system

      • PC systems including 2 button mouse.

      • Email and the World Wide Web.


      • PCs

      • Free computer graphics software for making banners etc.

      If you enroll 4 people or more in this website Promotion masterclass before midnight   2003
      you will receive any one of our marketing manuals of your choice free of charge
      a free 1 year subscription to my Web Promotions quarterly great tips magazine valued at $67.

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      SEM training Perth: How to set-up and manage Google's Adwords (their brand name for PPC marketing). Learn the difference between exact match, phrase match and broad match filtering to optimise how your dollars are spent to get the customers you want.

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