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10 things you should know before buying a 2024 new car in Perth:

  1. If you're getting finance for a new car in Perth WA, know that the interest can be more profitable for new car dealers in Perth than car sales profit.

  2. Just because a car dealer is selling you a new car in Perth it does not mean you have to buy that new car with their finance options. You should get the best comparative interest rate car loan in Perth for buying a new car in Perth from which ever best deal lender you can find. I had good business car loan in Perth from an experienced car loan lender, Alan's All Australia Finance from his office near car dealers in Wangara.

  3. Can your new car be serviced by any car mechanic with the latest car computer diagnostic software or is your of new car model locked into service/repairs only with dealers of your car make and car model because the car maker won't share the car diagnostic software outside the dealerships.

  4. Is new car service included and for how long and how much is it?

  5. How much do car parts in Perth cost? If you had to rebuild the new car you're buying out of new spare parts, how much would it cost?. The cost of spare parts for new cars should be a big consideration when buying a new car in Perth.

  6. In the past, how long has the car maker supported a line of cars similar to the new sedan or new SUV you're wanting to buy and how long do they expect to produce new OEM car parts for your car in the future?

  7. How long is the new car warrantee? Read the fine print to see inclusions and limitations.

    Read independent car reviews about the model of the new car you want to buy. This includes fuel economy.

  8. If buying a new electric car in Perth, ask if it can be charged at home or if it needs to go to an electric car charging station. If buying a new electric car or new hybrid car in Perth, ask how long new electric car batteries are expected to last?
    Electric car battery life chart

  9. If you've got a used car trade-in, how much will you get for it? New car dealers advertise we buy cars to get you into their new car dealership showroom.

  10. How many dealerships for your make of car are there and where are they located? You never know when you might get a transfer to a place like Broome where your make of car might not be supported.

  11. How much is the annual car registration in WA for your car?

  12. The upsell when buying a new car in Perth to accessories is a big part of car sales jobs in Perth. Do your 2024 Perth car price comparison homework before being seduced into rushed aftermarket car accessory buying. Same when it comes to newcar modification/upgrades in Perth such as roo bars, towing hitch, etc.

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